Good stuff

Hi there, and welcome to nomandnom!

We are pauthentic Mai Tai with home-grown mintassionate about freshness, getting our hands dirty, growing things, learning things, and making delicious and memorable food. We want to be your source for great recipes, home and urban gardening tips, and culinary intelligence.

We try not to clutter up our recipes and tips with too much extraneous chatter. Every recipe and tip on here has been tested by us and reviewed with a critical eye. Our recommendations are based on our own first-hand testing and experience.

After nearly a decade in the consulting industry, our founder realized she needed a way to channel her passions for fresh produce, small family farm culture, healthy foods, and great cooking. After starting the awesome Neon Coffee roasting company with her partner (and Street Fighter champion), she focused tremendous effort building out a clear, easy to use portal for fresh, culinary inspiration.from the garden

We hope you enjoy, and let us know if there’s something you want to see on here.

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